Type: parasaurolophus
Age: 9 years old
He likes: diving in head first!
He doesn’t like: waiting and thinking
His strength: Parasaurolophuses have good legs for running and Rocky is always full of energy!
His weakness: Parasaurolophuses have nothing going for them Rocky really tends to end up in the lion’s den (or rather Giganto’sden!)
He dreams of: Ttackling Gigantosaurus and turning into a “superhero”. This is an entirely new concept he came up with and finds very cool.

Putting aside their very real talent for chewing, parasaurolophuses aren’t really destined for great things as far as evolution is concerned (just imagine a 2.5 ton chicken!).
No doubt Rocky would have preferred to be a velociraptor!
Rocky is not one for herd mentality. He wants to be a superhero and superheroes need a bunch of super-friends (check!) and a super-villain… Who else than Gigantosaurus, that mysterious and fascinating predator who terrorises the region? Out of all his friends, Rocky is the only one who is super-keen to find and fight the monster…
He is the little gang’s driving force! But to be perfectly honest, he’d have ended up as a T-Rex burger a long time ago, if it weren’t for his friends.

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