Gigantosaurus is a very mysterious character. We don’t know where he lives and no one has ever seen him speak. He can pop out of anywhere at any time. Rumours run rife about that beast!
One thing is for sure: he’s always HUNGRY! When he goes hunting, large groups of birds flock away, the sky darkens and a thunder-like blood curling noise echoes through the forest… And then silence sets in. Everyone runs away or hides from the monster’s eyes, ears and sharp teeth to the best of their abilities… Once his appetite has been satisfied, he goes back into his den for a nap, because his digestion is extremely slow and difficult.
And when he sleeps, he sleeps heavily and snores loudly… He could sleep through anything.
Lovely, isn’t he?
But then again… when you have tiny useless arms and have to resort to scratching your back by hopping up and down against some rocks, you can’t be THAT terrifying!

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