Type: ankylosaurus
Age: 9 years old
She likes: inventing things
She doesn’t like: rushing
Her strength: her inventiveness
His weakness: she always takes too long to weigh up pros and cons and she can be a bit stubborn
She dreams of: understanding the world around her.

If you thought scientists were bearded Homo Sapiens Sapiens complete with white coats and round glasses… Think again! Mazu was there long before them. It’s got to be said that ankylosauruses are normally quite slow on the uptake, so it’s no surprise Mazu is
keen to break the stereotypes.
There’s nothing she likes more than do-it-yourself, exploring and understanding things. She uses her tail-club as a hammer to make all sorts of things (like a kite made out of dried pterosaur wings)!
She’s poised and rational, but her inquisitiveness still gets her into delicate situations.
When predators shout they’re going to eat her, instead of fleeing, she gets interested in their diet (leaving more than one baffled).
So of course, as far as she’s concerned, Gigantosaurus is first and foremost a scientific curiosity. How does such an animal live? How much food does he have to gobble up?
What are his hunting strategies? She is fascinated by him and would love to catch him and study him.
Pity zoos don’t exist yet, though…

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