Type: brachiosaurus
Age: 9 years old
He likes: eating!
He doesn’t like: running risks. And just running, full stop. Though it’s got to be said he’s quite good at it when he has to avoid Giganto’s unwanted attention!
His strength: His long neck, perfect for being the lookout!
His weakness: He’s a complete chicken… So instead of keeping watch, he tends to stick his head in the sand, like some kind of prehistoric ostrich.
He dreams of: growing up as quickly as possible so he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Not much happens when you’re 12 metres high. But of course, that’s only true for grown-ups brachios. When you’re still small and your name is Bill, it’s only natural that you should be such a chicken!
For Bill, Gigantosaurus represents Danger with a capital D! The simple mention of his name is enough to make his blood run cold. He doesn’t want to have to deal with him. He doesn’t want to see him. He doesn’t want his name pronounced in front of him…
And his nightmares are more often than not populated by visions of Gigantosaurus.
But he wants to grow and see the world with his friends! So what’s the way forward for Bill?
1/ Stay with great friends he admires,
2/ Jump into the first hiding place he comes across,
3/ Look under every rock, because “you never know where Gigantosaurus might be hiding”.
And finally,
4/ EAT. Because eating is the only way he will ever get big.
Besides, when he grows up, Bill will be “a chef”: he wants to taste absolutely everything! For Bill, food really is the only thing, along with his friends of course, which he’s prepared to go all out for.

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