This nervous archaeopteryx is a good friend to the four dinos.

Wound up like a spring, Archie is a whistle-blower who never gives his whistle a rest. He’s super paranoid and prompt to panic. Archie lives with the frustration of having wings that don’t seem to have the gift of lift. No matter how much he flaps, he never manages to get airborne. It doesn’t matter much, though, as he will climb up whatever he comes across (cliffs, trees, etc.) and then hurl himself off it into the air – only to drop like a rock. For that one split-second though, he feels the thrill of flying! Granted, it is immediately followed by the agony of crash landing, but Archie is a slave to his instincts.

Archie also has a finely tuned internal alarm system, and he can sense danger the way Bill can sniff out a drop of coconut milk a mile away. And when Archie senses danger, everyone knows about it – there’s nothing subtle about this bird. In this way, Archie is a precious ally for our dinos, keeping them safe.

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