The Terminonator is a plesiosauroidea type sea reptile. But she calls herself “Terminonator” because it sounds much cooler.

She’s 7–8 metres long (3m just for his neck) and can catch the fastest fish. But she gets tired of being a pescatarian! Sometimes she’d like a change from her regular diet and catch a little tasty dino for a change… To that end, she regularly sticks her head out of the water and tries to entice land creatures (including our foursome) to jump in the water and go for a “swim” with her…heh, heh. (Who does she think she’s fooling?)

Terminonator thinks she’s quite the charmer, unaware that her 70 misaligned and overlapping teeth make her look pretty ridiculous when she smiles. She looks forward to the day where she’ll evolve and be able to crawl out of her lake. THEN what a feast she’ll have! Until then, she spends her days perfecting her water ballet and hoping a dinosaur attempts a doggy paddle.

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