Hegan is an adult pterosaur.
An accomplished flier, Hegan can fly very fast (up to 120 km/h) and sail over thousands of kilometres without touching down. When she deigns coming back down to Earth, it’s generally to catch fish, her favorite dish.

Hegan is large and her wingspan is massive. She’s even big enough to carry one or two of our heroes on her back. When she does, she talks to her passengers like an airline pilot: “Please be seated, turbulence up ahead,” “Sardine snacks will be offered once we’ve reached cruising altitude…” She might even treat her passengers to some aerial acrobatics, much to Rocky’s delight (and Bill’s queasiness). And once she’s landed, Hegan hopes our little dinos have had a very pleasant flight and will fly with her again soon.

Back on the ground, Hegan is a lot less at ease. She moves clumsily on all fours (on her feet and elbows.) But what does it matter? Real life is up there, in the sky!

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