As indicated by her name, Rugo is a rugosodon, a small rodent mammal and a good friend of our heroes!

She’s an omnivore and is simply insatiable. She’ll eat anything and everything. And not just small stuff. She’ll even gnaw on a huge bone…while Giganto is chewing at the other end! (She’s so small, he doesn’t ever notice her.) And she will not think twice about snatching your food out of your hands, or even right out of your mouth! Better be careful when Rugo is around, eh, Bill?
Even when Rugo isn’t hungry, she’ll gobble up food and store it in her cheeks, like a modern-day chipmunk. It’s not unusual to see Rugo running around with her cheeks bulged out, bigger than her whole body. She comes from a big clan. She stopped counting her brothers and sisters at 8,000. Families don’t get that big by starving themselves!

Being a mini-mammal in such barbaric times is no mean feat, but clever Rugo manages very well amid all those huge dinos. She excels at climbing, scurrying, and can sneak in and out of anything. She’s very helpful to our four little dinosaurs, always ready to help Mazu with a plan or Tiny with a project. And she’s been known to help Rocky out of jams. Like the time he got stuck in a cave and needed someone to slip out through a crack to go tell the others. Rugo is living proof that smaller can be better, even in this big world!

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